Supporting Stability Through Data-Driven Strategies

USI’s live COVID-19 Action Plan document tracks all COVID-19 related developments across our sites nationally in an effort to:

  • develop aligned national strategies,
  • coordinate response,
  • and track COVID-19 related progress as it relates to both our families and our staff.

The USI COVID19 Action Plan tracks both federal, state, and city-level actions and internal USI responses and serves as a unified communication tool. The USI COVID19 Action Plan is supplemented with daily calls with the entire national leadership team to discuss new developments and address arising issues on a site-by-site basis.

The USI COVID19 Action Plan is updated and tracked daily to help maintain USI towards the result of keeping all USI families and personnel stable during the COVID-19 crisis. USI staff began conducting the COVID-19 on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

Submitted is the data snapshot of how families living in East Meadows are managing via the USI COVID19 report: San Antonio USI COVID-19 One Pager 4.25.2020

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