Blessed Sacrament Academy reaches out during COVID-19 closings

When Blessed Sacrament Academy closed its doors during the COVID-19 pandemic, new challenges were swiftly met. The Child Development Center offered a two-pronged approach to continuing education for ages 6 weeks to 5 years — online and offline. We created in-house learning videos for all ages, and created a new Online Learning at BSA pages with age-appropriate resources, learning activities and help for parents now becoming teachers. Offline, we created new at-home learning booklets and activity sheets for parents who cannot afford laptop computers and Internet access.

With an emergency grant, we were able to provide the predominantly poor families served by Blessed Sacrament Academy with healthy meals and snacks, and with diapers, baby wipes and formula for babies. We included crayons and activity sheets in toddler meal boxes. We enacted safe curbside distribution at our center. Herbs were harvested from our children’s learning garden to add to food boxes. We sent home tiny growing pots, seeds and soils, so that toddlers could continue learning the basics of science, math and communications skills while growing vegetables at home.

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